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Aug 30, 2017

Oh, you know, just a sensible multi-month break from blogging about Dallas brides…I’ll be better, I swear, y’all…I KNOW I say that everytime….but this time I…mean it?

Anyway! Today’s blog is all about Ashley and Brody!! I knew of Brody in high school, but he was waaaaaaaayyyy more popular than me. Cut to senior year when we were Student Council officers together (#gowarriors) and we totally bonded. We’ve stayed friends through the years and I just adore that funny, wonderful man! I met Ashley when Brody brought her to our get together the night before our ten-year high school reunion and instantly I was obsessed with her. She’s so funny, has such a light about her, and she’s gorgeous! I even said to Brody that night to not let her go and to make sure and call me when he proposed. Love this sweet couple and their wedding is seriously going to be such a dream!

Tell us a little about each of you.
Brody is hilarious, sarcastic, sports fanatic, whiskey drinker, lover of our dog, Oakley. He never thought he would love a small dog, haha! I’m passionate, stubborn, a music and sports lover, whiskey and champagne drinker, and proud mother to Oakley. I love that Brody and I share many interests but also differ though other passions. It keeps our relationship close and independent at the same time.

How did you meet?
Brody and I were actually friends for several years before we ever dated. We met through mutual friends and but at the time were in other relationships. Down the road, Brody moved to Fort Worth from Arlington and we started hanging out more and more. We finally we both single…and it was inevitable, we started dating.

When and where are you getting married? What made you choose that season and venue?
We are getting married at River Crest Country Club. We chose our venue because it is beautiful, it was available on a Sunday (before all the good football games start), and because the venue provides such great support via the staff and events coordinator.

Give us three words to describe your wedding.
Party. Bright. Glamorous.

When did you know he was going to be your husband? Did he know before you?
I think Brody knew before me haha. He said he knew I was the one before we ever started dating. I knew Brody was the one pretty early on into our relationship. No one makes me laugh and excited about life like him.

How did he put that ring on your finger? Was it a total surprise?
We were taking our final vacation of the summer in August 2016 and we were staying with his sister Lauren and her husband Tyson in Montauk, New York. We decided to go to a winery on Friday night (luckily Tyson talked to employees into giving us rose, because it was closing time haha.) We got our wine and walked down a beautiful stretch of land that ended with a cliff looking out to the ocean. We were all just hanging out and looking at the ocean when I turned around to find Brody on one knee. The rest is history. Oh, and I said yes.

What have you loved most about planning your wedding? What has been the most difficult?
I’ve loved seeing everything come together but I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed personalizing my invitations. I certainly did not think I cared much about the invitations, but my good friend Amanda helped me personalize our look and style of the invitation. Most difficult factor is, without a doubt, trying to please everyone. I had a difficult time making sure everyone was happy. PSA…everyone has their own opinion and not everyone will be happy.

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?
Marrying my best friend. And having everyone that we love all in the same place at the same time. I feel like that likely won’t happen again.

Do you have any advice for the newly engaged as they embark on the planning process?
Have someone help you with invitations and save the dates. I was always just so worried that I would mess up the wording, misspell something, or leave important information out. There are professionals for that! Also, remember what your wedding day is actually for, the covenant between you and your partner. When things get overwhelming, remember that at the end of the day, you get to marry the person that was made for you!

All Photos by The Tarnos.

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