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Apr 29, 2015

While I adore all my couples, this bride is extra special to me, we’ve been friends since college and have shared a lot of laughter and hugs. She and her soon to be husband will have so many beautiful and fun details at their wedding, it’s going to be such an amazing day!

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Tell us a little about each of you.

Laura: I’m an actor, and co-company manager of Halcyon Theatre, in Chicago. I also have a boring day job where I’m a property manager!
Brockett: I also have a boring day job as a real estate tax analyst! In my free time, I write creatively– like this blog post! Ha… ha..

We have 2 beautiful cats and a fancy fish, and we just bought our first car together!

How did you meet?
We met TWICE! The first time, he barely remembers, so usually we don’t count it. I did a play festival, and his roommate was in one of the shows. No joke– I remember peeking at the audience the day Brockett came, and I went back to the dressing room and said “there are some hot dudes in the front row.” Then, when we were introduced that night, he totally ignored me. (Brockett says- I wasn’t feeling good! I was too pre-occupied not throwing up to pay much attention to anything that night)

The second time– we were at a super random bar, and I saw him + our mutual friends. (they were out celebrating his birthday). I was like “there’s the cute guy that ignored me! WELL, I’ll be super cute and make him notice me this time”…. and it worked?! I ended up ignoring my friends in town from NYC to flirt with him all night. They literally dragged me out.

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When and where are you getting married? What made you choose that season and venue?
May 9th, at Austin Ranch in Grapevine TX.

May 8th is our first date anniversary– so, we think it’ll be sweet (CHEESY) to have our last date as “single folks” at our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding 🙂 Also, I’m from Dallas originally. We really wanted an outdoor ceremony, and indoor reception. This space didn’t feel too cookie-cutter, or glammed up.. it’s a great down to earth space, that has that sort of “homey” feeling we love.

Give us three words to describe your wedding:
Perfect For Us — blammo!

When did you know he was going to be your husband? Did he know before you?
Laura: I don’t think there was ever an exact moment. Everything with us has been the most natural thing ever. Just sort of like, “oh, yeah. of course. this is who I’m meant to be with.”

Brockett: I wouldn’t say I knew before her. But Laura would still make jokes leaving her options open, saying “whoever I marry” or “when we get married… I mean, IF we get married”… and I never did that.

How did he put that ring on your finger? Was it a total surprise?

Haha- well, it wasn’t a surprise. I’m a really bad person to try and surprise! But it was the sweetest, most wonderful thing ever. It was at Fountainhead, a great little restaurant/pub where we had our first date. People cheered, and they gave us free champagne. He also had friends video and take pictures of the moment. And daisies, my favorite flower.

The next day, we took off work and drove around the city going to places that had been important to our relationship. It was really nostalgic and amazing. It was nice to share moments together that were so instrumental in getting us to where we were that day: Together and gettin’ HITCHED!

What have you loved most about planning your wedding? What has been the most difficult?

Laura: I’ve loved doing this with Brockett. I didn’t grow up having an exact vision of what I wanted my wedding to be– It wasn’t until I met him, that I could actually picture our wedding day. Also, almost everyone we’ve been working with has been just amazingly sweet and supportive. Great additions to #teamvolson 😉 most difficult, hmmm. Well, I’m an indecisive person, who gets terrible buyers remorse (/hates spending money), and feels awkward when people buy her things. Sooo, that’s been more than a little tricky 😉 Also, planning a wedding while living in a different state has been difficult– mostly because, we have to jam pack so many decisions into short little visits. At the end of the day though, we’ve been really lucky throughout all of this.

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?

Having our family and friends there to support us! … And, ya know, getting married 😉

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Do you have any advice for the newly engaged as they embark on the planning process?

Be kind to yourself and your partner. There are going to be moments of stress, and that’s ok. And there are going to be some of the best moments of your relationship! Really and truly, I’ve never been more in love with Brockett. The whole process has only made us closer.

Oh, and CREATE A WEDDING EMAIL ADDRESS! Just do it. Trust us.

Thank you so much Laura and Brockett!

Engagement Photos: Eiza Photography

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